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Add TeachersInTouch to Subtract Paperwork.
Let TeachersInTouch do the work so you can Teach.

Communication With Parents And Teachers - Innovative School Tools

  • Complete academic, behavior, and attendance referrals to school staff
  • Call, email, and text parents and school officials all at once or individually with ease
  • Logs the data for you in easy to read, searchable, sortable reports
  • Exports, emails, and prints right from your phone
  • The trigger feature automatically updates school officials of student needs
  • Quick upload of contacts

Teacher Quotes

  • " I used to be up late preparing creative lessons that I loved. Now I'm up late getting my data in, 'said a six-grade language arts teacher in Fairfax. She and others from her school said administrative chores have become so excessive... "

  • - Source Washington Post November 2011 by R. McCartney

  • " I get a sense that now an intruder threatens to sap my passion. I worry that intruder might prevent me from putting as much energy as I can into creating lessons that energize me and engage my student. That intruder is paperwork."

    • - from Make Time to Teach: Ten Tools for Reducing Paperwork by Brenda Dyck Education World 1996-2013


  • " TeachersInTouch has saved me time and energy. "

    • - M. Potter, Georgia
  • " 'I also keep a phone log so I won't have to try to remember calls I need to make or ones I have made.'" Elementary school teacher Diane Postman reprinted from "Try This Tame the Paperwork Tiger"

    • - by Alain Jehlen reprinted from

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